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Can Mueller save our Democracy?

May 04
Trump has gone over the line and now is autocrat want-to-be by saying the affair with a adult film actor did not happen and she is only another (haven’t we see this enough?) money greedy liar trying to extort a rich celebrity. This back step about an affair signals to

Poligny (Trees on Plaza), Jura France

Apr 19
Poligny’s Plaza trees without leaves, April 19, 2018 Poligny, in the eastern area of France in the region Jura

Cohen and the search warrant

Apr 11
A search warrant used by the Mueller team to gather documents from Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, is an extraordinary step and required several levels of approval. The deepening of the “Russia Probe” implies serious, potentially fatal, consequences for the sitting President. The survival of Democratic institutions, ruled by law and

The trouble with Americans who Voted for Trump

Apr 05
The trouble with Americans who voted for Trump is that they have no respect for philosophy. Listen, a broken clock is right twice a day. That is, the representation of the truth is there but the mechanism for the truth is not. Trump and the supporters of Trump are offering

Devenir. Zine

Apr 05
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Manon de la Source

Apr 04
Movie for the Evening: “Manon de la Source” 1986. Above image of Ugolin, played by Daniel Auteuil. In the film Ugolin speaks eloquently, if too passionately, of his love for Manon, the pretty shepherdess, played by Emmanuelle Beart, who, in real life, were married for six years. I will be


Apr 02
Those people who believe in god must also believe people are perfect or how could we be created by a god. But, look at the life, are we perfect? Where we perfect? Is it too difficult to live without believing in ourselves absolutely? Can we love each other without believing

The human side

Apr 02
I was thinking of what proper way to express being and it occurred to me not being came closest as in being briefly and not being for eternity.